YEB | 環境方針




1.Fundamental Principle

Recognizing that environmental issues are universal and vital to all human beings, we, as a group, adopt a fundamental principle of striving to protect natural environment and to contribute to an affluent society through our corporate activities in the scope of assembly and testing of semiconductor integrated circuit and SMT and their derived products.

2.Guiding Principles

We will, as a company operating in Indonesia, harmonize with the environment and the local community, implement the following guiding principles and continually improve our environmental management activities and also we are committed to fulfill the environmental compliance obligation.

  1. To recognize environmental impacts of assembly, test and inspection of IC during the entire process of production and control and to promote environmental management activities at all functions and levels.

  2. To establish framework for continual improvement of environmental impact such as wastes, effluents and emissions produced during the production and control activities in order to promote pollution prevention.

  3. To promote energy, water and resources saving by adopting efficient practices of production, utilities, and production control equipment.

  4. To manage hazardous chemical and waste in the appropriate manners to prevent pollution.

  5. To abide by relevant environmental laws and regulations and to formulate improve our corporate standards and manuals.

  6. To establish environmental objectives and target monitor and review their progress for continual improvements.

  7. To communicate the environmental policy to all employees through environmental trainings and organization activities and to all persons working for and on behalf of the organization.

  8. To make this environmental policy available to public or interested parties upon request and seek for their understanding and co-operation while promoting environmental activities.

  9. To implement 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) whenever possible for any material/energy/resources used in every activity.

  10. To reduce the usage of greenhouse gases in order to prevent global warming.

  11. To achieve customer requirement related to green purchasing

Takashi Araki
President Director
PT. Yoshikawa Electronics Bintan
14th of April 2018